Sunday, March 16, 2008

Anastasia and Coralie

Anastasia and Coralie come from the Beary Forest region of The Whimsy Patch. Like their friends Timothy and Spots, Anastasia and Coralie grew up together--attended school together, played hopscotch together, learned how to bake homemade toaster pastries and make hot chocolate together. The two were always inseperable and they continue to be so. Anastasia's typically sunny disposition lends her to lots of party hosting out of their flat in the Whimsy Village, a particularly posh section of the Whimsy Patch known for its boutiques and tea houses. Gigi and Juliette swear by their parties and say the themes are never forgettable. Their most recent party theme was "Cupcake or Muffin?" and every guest was to bring their most favorite cupcake or muffin and dress according to the treats favorite ingredients. Bringing a Chocolate Strawberry Cupcake? Dress in your favorite cocoa and crimson ensemble and wear your strawberry bonnet. Too fun!

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