Sunday, March 16, 2008

Alain with Alfred, His Very Best Monster Friend

Alfred, Alain's very best monster friend, says that he will make their introduction. Alain is a little bit shy and could only blush when he was told that he would be front page on my blog today and on The Needle! So, I will step aside for Alfred to make their introduction. Alfred, with a big smile, boasts about his friend: "Alain has been my best friend for years now. He's shy, but the most loyal fellow a monster could ever ask for. We love to go skateboarding together at Whimsy Parks and on days when we aren't skating you might find us picking apples in the Whimsy Orchards. I climb the trees and pick the best apples and Alain holds the basket. We also like holding "Friendly Monster Awareness" seminars. So many people think monsters are just mean and scarey, but Alain has been the best advocate. You would never know he's shy when he's at the podium speaking about the friendliness of Whimsy Monsters. We have been working with FMA to start a Friendly Monsters Under Your Bed network to help with the placing of Whimsy Monsters in children's bedrooms. Alain is a little too shy to say so, but he is very excited that we get to hang out at Commotion! and tell everyone there just how much monsters rule."

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