Sunday, March 16, 2008

Josette and Her Little Birdie, Speckles

Oh, my goodness! Josette and Speckles are just the sweetest little pair. They come from the Whimsy Aviary Farms and want to mention that they have more friends on the way. In the Whimsy Aviary Farms, Whimsy Dollies and Birdies are raised together. At the birth of a Whimsy Dollie, her personality is assessed and a perfect Whimsy Birdie is selected and paired with her. The two, always an ideal match, are together from their on out. The Whismy Dollie then spends her days be trained in song by the Whimsy Birdie. From what Speckles says, Josette has an angelic voice and sings the most enchanting lullabies. On nights when a baby is having trouble falling to sleep, Josette and Speckles just might be there singing the little one to sleep.


Michelle said...

I just love your style. Absolutely adorable dolls!

Kimmie.K said...

Thanks so much:)


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