Saturday, March 22, 2008

Zoe and Francie Her Very Best Whimsy Kittie Friend

Zoe and Francie are our newest friends from the Whimsy Patch and they sure are glad to meet you. Zoe wants to show off her lovely new Geisha-esque hairstyle (done out of necessity when I ran out of fabric for the usual quick and easy fabric buns. I actually decided I like this better and might just do yarn and fabric combos more often!) and bow. She's also happy that spring is on the way because she can't wait to take long walks in the park with her best Whimsy Kittie friendy, Francie. In fact, they just went to this fabulous Whimsy boutique and purchased a new polka dot collar and leash for Francie. She must look smashing when she strolls amongst the cherry blossoms and dogwood trees.Zoe, in particular, wants you to know that she also weaves a beautiful basket and knows how to arrange freshly picked spring flowers with much elegance and grace. She even has her own basket shop where she sells her works of art. I've heard that she's so talented she can weave baskets in the shape of just about anything you can dream up. If you want to stop in and watch her work, she'll brew up a pot of jasmine tea and let you sip that while she goes about her work.
Francie wants to show you her aforementioned polka dot bow collar and leash! She's quite proud of her new purchase and cannot want to promenade through the parks--if only the sun would stay out more and the winter chill would finally retire itself until next year!Aside from taking walks, Francie has to find something to do while Zoe's busy at work in the basket weaving shop. She discovered a couple years back that she has an excellent eye for landscaping work and she does this in the Toadstool Forest of the Whimsy Patch. You cannot pass by some dollie or chap's toadstool without spotting some of Francie's fine work. Not only does she tend to the trees, bushes and blooms, but she also designs cobblestone paths, designs herb gardens, and constructs very elaborate hanging flower arrangements. I would quite love to have Francie come to work in my yard, but her waiting list is too long! I guess I will have to settle for the occasional hanging arrangement.

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