Saturday, April 5, 2008

Buckman Art Show and Sell Donations (Dolls for Friends)

A Really Great Show

We were approached by the organizers of The Buckman Art Show and Sell to see if we would be interested in donating five pieces for gift bags they were preparing. The bags are to be presented to the events' musical guests at the end of the night. In return for the donation, they would give us some additional press leading up to and during the event, and a bit of all-around goodwill. Given the nature of the art show and sell, we graciously accepted.

We just dropped off the pieces yesterday at the school offices, and we took a few quick snaps before handing them off. These five will be at the show, in addition to one large piece that we sent in earlier for the auction that will be benefiting the school. Of course, these six are in addition to the 50 to 75 pieces Jill and I are frantically putting together to sell at the show. This officially marks the largest lot of plushies we have put together for any show. I just hope we have fingers left after all this sewing.


Anonymous said...
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dredredoll said...

May your fingers be unbloodied at the end of this great effort. You are superplushers!

jenni said...

Those are terrific!

Claire said...

Awesome! And 50-75 pieces for one show? Amazing. I now feel completely lazy.


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