Monday, April 21, 2008

Penelope the Rabbit

Penelope likes summer most of all. She loves eating ice cream and doesn’t mind it when it drips all over the place. She’s not very concerned with cleanliness; she’s a kid after all. Her best friend is a little duck whom she likes to feed breadcrumbs every day. She loves to smell the summer air. She can smell lots of things, sun tan lotion, citrus, the beach, the grass… She likes to frolic around because she’s just such a happy little bunny.

So this time around, I decided to add a handmade rattle on the inside of my rabbit. I was quite pleased with the results. It makes a nice chime and rattle :) I think little ones will enjoy it a lot. Also, instead of my crocheted tail, I made a pom pom tail. I really like the result, what do you guys think?


bisbee stitches said...

absolutely gorgeous! love it !

Vinho said...

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Electric Daisy said...

She's sweet. She reminds me of rainbow sherbert ice cream!


Very cute - Electric Daisy is right - she reminds me of ice ream too. Specifically going down to the Bonnie Doon ice cream parlor and eating "blue moon," "superman," or "bubblegum" ice cream(basically the most sugary and fake tasting ice cream - blue is a flavor right?). Your bunny reminds me of the colors of the superman ice cream - cream, soft blue and pink.

(Thankfully I grew out of fake sugary flavors and moved onto butter pecan and mint chip. Yum!)

Eva said...

thanks for the sweet comments :D

I'm only working on one more bunny which will be a gift to a sweet little girl and then I'm moving onto some other creations. They have been living on a piece of paper for too long and want to be created...

of course, if someone really wanted one- i'd make another bunny- i do love making them.


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