Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mask-er-Raid (Dolls for Friends)


Something is slinking through the shadows. Can you see it? Perhaps not, perhaps it's nothing more than a perceived sense of motion-maybe dread, fear, uncertainty? Whatever it is, cognizant thought or raw emotion, you don't quite feel like you're alone.

You take a couple of steps, unable to shake the feeling that there is something dogging your heels. Nervously, you stop and peer deep, deep deep into the shadows, straining your focus, second by second eyes becoming adjusted to the dark, and that is when you see it.

You see the unseeable, hear the unhearable and witness what so few have witnessed that if you were to add it up it would be the sound of one hand clapping. Yes, it's Mask-er-raid, the phantom jelly. Defender of the defenseless and captivator of hearts and minds. He has been trailing you throughout your time in the city, ensuring the safety of your passage and warding off evil as it approaches.

You take a step back and take a deep breath-thankful to know that the rumors were true, that there is a defender of humanity, siding with the voiceless. Yet, you still think there is more to this. Why did he choose to reveal himself now after so many years of silent stewarding? You lean back into the shadows, straining again for sight-vision-clarity. As you open your mouth, you make a silent squeek, unsure of what to say beyond the single word, "Why?"

A moment passes until a raspy, dry response is returned, "I'm hungry, do you have a dollar for the value menu?"

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Absolutely Small said...

So creative! You always make the most original work. Well done!


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