Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New Plush Team Series

As I am watching my little plush business grow I have seen a change in my home. Little plush friends shining cute happiness, beautiful colored threads and fabrics, piles and piles of remnants, fluff bags, ribbon, paper, pins, scissors, half finished projects, packaging tape, string and the list goes on and on. It can get very overwhelming and I find that my creation is actually a big crazy mess of supplies and not a lovely plush creation. So I decided to go to my fabulous Plush
for tips on how to get my mess organized. Which has led to the newest Plush Team series... Creative Ideas for Creating a Creative Workspace.
First up is... Squirrel Momma

She stores her felt in a large expandable file folder that she got at Staples (it's red and pink and cool!). She likes it because she can see all the colors (which helps her little squirrel brain think), but she can still close it up and carry it around. She has nearly outgrown this, though, so she is probably going to add a second one.

Another thing Squirrel Momma has is one of those storage units they make for nuts and bolts. Hers has about 25 drawers of various sizes and she uses it for pinbacks, tags, sequins, etc.--stuff she needs, but not every day.

AND she has about 4 gazillion Plano cases that she uses for things like embroidery floss and little body parts. Also nice because she can carry them around in her WIP bag.

My favorite creative tip that Squirrel Momma has for us is that she clamps her folded cotton fabric pieces together with black metal binder clips. Then she can root through it and it doesn't all come unfolded. Such a great idea!

She says she might be a little OCD with the containers. But I say she is very creatively organized!
Plushie Love- MayaBella

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