Friday, August 29, 2008

15 Days till the Plush Team is at Renegade!

If you're looking to adopt something lovable and hugable, look no further than Dekvenga Delights, located in you guessed it! Dekvenga Delights will be there in person at renegade at the Plush Team Booth!

Somewhere around the time she turned 33, her doctor told her she needed to "calm down," and suggested that she try meditation. As a Type A personality, she had a hard time quieting her mind, so she decided to move in "baby steps" toward meditation--she picked up a "calm" hobby called knitting.
It was a love affair from her first cast on. Soon, she found all of the sweater, scarf and hat patterns on the shelf, her mind swimming with images of plump little monstas and her knitting needles and crochet hook eating through yarn like it was going out of style. Less than three years later, she now shares these felt, knit and crochet monstas with you!

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