Wednesday, August 27, 2008

17 days until Renegade Chicago!

Today, I am featuring Moogancreations - another one of the fearless leaders of the Etsy Plush Team. Not only will her plushies be at Chicago, but she'll be there too!! You can't adopt her, but you can give one of her creations a good home!

Moogan Creations are the “craft related mishaps” created by plush designer Megan Green.
Naming her business after her childhood nickname, Megan uses her family and childhood memories as inspiration. Often naming dolls after family members or situations involving them.
The materials and color combinations dictate the direction of each creation. Choosing vintage style fabrics, antique buttons and zippers juxtaposed with textiles, like the rugged hard look of vinyl, offer a folksy style with a modern twist. Allowing each doll to take on their own personality lets the buyer create their own stories and ideas, truly bringing the doll to life.

Megan lives in a money pit with her husband, newborn baby girl and deaf dog, Puppy in Columbus, Ohio. She is currently attempting a career at home while peddling her plush full time.

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