Tuesday, August 26, 2008

18 Days Until Renegade!

Today in the Renegade countdown post, I'm featuring the winners of the Plush team Fair project winners, who, coincidentally, will all have plushies available for adoption at the Plush Team booth at Renegade!

ElectricDaisy was chosen as the winner of the Livestock category. She's a sat at home mom who home schools her 4 children, and also finds time to create her lovely plushies! She lives just blocks away from Disneyland in southern California!

I, Yummy Pancake, was chosen as the winner of the Midway Food category! I'm located in Lancaster, PA....Amish country! I am a jack of all crafty trades, but my main focus is crochet...especially amigurumi! The inspiration for my plushies comes from a variety of places - from friends and family to what's on my plate for lunch! Yarn + Hook = Cuteness

dkoss2 was chosen as the winner of the Sideshow Creatures category. She's actually just located a hop, skip, and a jump from me in Westmont NJ. She is a fine artist making designer plush toys and other soft sculptures. Everything she makes is hand sewn (no machines) and made from recycled clothing and other materials!!

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