Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Large Forest Gremlin

Hi guys, :)

I recently completed a new character, the Large Forest Gremlin. These are much larger than the mini forest gremlin that I have previously made, standing 22inches from the tips of their ears to their toes!!!

The Forest Gremlin is a large, elusive gremlin that can be found in heavily forested areas. He is a mischievous chap and he spends most of its days collecting mushrooms and chasing small rodents. They work away collecting the large mushrooms, leaving the smaller ones for the mini forest gremlins to collect.

More photos can be seen on the Grumble Toy blog.


Leeanna Butcher said...

Awesome! These guys rock! :D Love their little bags and mushrooms.

Anonymous said...

I too love the little bags and mushrooms. They do indeed look very mischievous! :)

Absolutely Small said...

So adorable! Nice work!


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