Sunday, August 10, 2008

Whimsy Patch Class of '08

I have been so busy these days! I think of posting here often but never seem to get around to it until after I've thought about it for about a month.... So, I decided I would post pics of my Whimsy Patch '08 graduates. These little plush creations all come from Whimsy Patch patterns created or radically updated this year. So, I will allow you to see their class pic first:

From left to right:Willow and Buttercup Deer, Funky Lola, Josefine Fairyfly, Little Bear, and Celia and Viv Owlie They are really quite proud of their accomplishments.

Viv and Buttercup Deer

opened their newest apothecary shop in the Whimsy Patch.

Celia and Viv prepared their last batch of Whimsy Patch mushroom soup and headed out to explore the various varieties of mushrooms and toadstools available elsewhere.

Josephine Fairyfly retired her hat as Whimsy Patch mentor to Dollies and Chaps and decided to set out on a new adventure in Earth Proper.

And Funky Lola and Little Bear, the one sugar and spice to the other's snakes, snails and puppy dog tails, quit spending all of their time cooking up antics in the Patch and decided to take their games to the new world.

Check out all of their stories--and many more--on my blog at!

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