Saturday, September 6, 2008

1 Week to go!!!!!

It's a rainy, gloomy day on the east coast here thanks to Hanna, but you know what would put brightness into a gloomy day? Why, a plushie from the fabulous Plush team of course! We'll be at booth 70 at Renegade Chicago in 1 WEEK!!! That's right - 7 days! Why not adopt a plush from one of these 2 Plush Teamers?

Needlings creates her cute little guys in Ontario, Canada. Having an affinity for colour and silly, She creates plush art and accessories with those things in mind.
"The Needlings" are a line of plush that are carefully crafted and hand stitched. Being a writer as well as a visual artist, she writes unique stories for each plush creation. Her colourful plush pieces become, like many of us, creatures that just need a little help in their lives.

Moonscreations makes her little cuties at the foot of the mountains in West Virginia. Her trademark Moon Bun, short for Moon Bunny, was created in December 2006and, like real bunnies, they've multiplied and taken over her life. Although she's been crocheting all her life, she began designing amigurumi in 2005.

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