Friday, September 5, 2008

8 Days until the Plush Team Takkes Chicago by Storm!

8 days until Renegade....that's almost 1 week! Wow! Today I'm going to feature another one of the awesome Plush Teamers that will have their plushies up for adoption AND physically be at Renegade Chicago! So make sure you stop by booth 70 and say hi to Squirrel Mama!

Squirrel mama hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan, although in her fertile imagination, she has homes in London and Northern California, and owns a small, unnamed Caribbean island (She would pick the south of France, but she says her French is atrocious and she doesn't like stinky cheese).She is also queen of a tiny empire comprised of three somewhat loyal subjects (four if you count Bob the lizard).

She used to work as a metalsmith and loved making narrative pieces with lots of tiny parts. That's probably why she is now fascinated with making really tiny softies, arranging them in tableau's and calling them pincushions. They are just too cute for words!

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Kivett Studio said...

Eeeeep! Those penguins are absolutely adorable....and they're headed to a party, can I go too?


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