Tuesday, September 16, 2008

inner self Totem

I'm currently curating an exhibition for the Melbourne Fringe Festival called Totem: Dolls and Souls. The idea behind it is that over 100 artists have created a self portrait doll, not of how they look on the outside but how they feel about themselves or see themselves on the inside. It's an incredible exhibition, and it opens next week at Fed Square, for those of you in Melbourne.

And I couldn't curate a show such as that without making an entry myself

I love her. If you're interested, you can see other dolls from Totem on my blog www.page63.blogspot .com

And I’ve been sitting in the studio and at home surrounded by all these incredible dolls and it’s slowly dawned on me that not only is Totem about self identity, like a vox pop of how a section of society see themselves, but it’s also a flagship for promoting modern craft practice. Each one of these dolls has been created differently, and there’s such a wide range of construction techniques that this really is a showcase of how varied craft can be. Craft isn’t just macramé plant holders and crocheted knee rugs anymore, it’s a hugely diverse and incredibly inspirational worldwide movement. And i just wanted to share my love with y'all.

So rock on with your good craft selves and if you're in Melbourne in the next 4 weeks, come see the show. It's free to all and it's open 24 hours a day.

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