Sunday, December 21, 2008

We need to do something about the CPSIA!

Hi Needlers,
I found a few links with Widgets that everyone can put on their Blogs to help save our darling handmade toys from the Consumer Products Safety Improvements Act. The law was passed in reaction to the big toy makers toxic and deadly toys, and their cheap-ass manufacturing techniques. The act did not exclude handmade toys and will require us to get them safety tested @ $4000 per toy! 
 We have got to do something!

Here are the links- 

and this Widget goes directly to a petition at


Dollhead said...

one more thing... there is an Etsy forum with more info about the CPSIA

Anonymous said...

Just a small correction here, the law was passed in reaction to *percieved* "greedy stupid big" toy makers making toxic and deadly toys. The truth is, toy-related injuries and deaths haven't changed much in the last decade (and in fact have gone down since 2006). I'm not really sure what all the surprise is about, though. I've seen plenty of support for the left wing here, and these are the kinds of things you get when you elect them. This, the Tipper sticker, etc. As I said before, the Nanny state: you asked for it, you got it.

Absolutely Small said...

I'm sorry, but assuming that ALL plush makers side together politically is insane. We're individuals, not some faceless throng.
I'm not sure what's happened to you that you feel the need to post snarky comments anonymously on this blog, but could you please keep in mind that actual humans (with more than the usual amount of feelings) read this?
Thank you for your consideration.

kathleen said...

In defense of anonymous, it's true that the law was passed due to *perceived* greedy toy makers.

In contrary to anonymous, the law enjoyed broad support from both sides of the aisle.

If anyone is interested, I suggest visiting the War Room for up to the minute updates and focused activism. . This particular site focuses more on sewn products be the toys or apparel.

Dollhead said...

Great stuff on the War Room link!

I would like to state that YES I am left wing, and this post is my opinion and not that of the Needle Members as a whole.

As a person who has both toy industry and Artist/Crafter experience in the area of Children's Products, I find it very upsetting that the next Xavier Roberts could be stifled by this legislation. As much as I love Barbie and other mass-market dolls, it is my belief that truly creative products are rarely born in the corporate environment.

Anonymous said...

I didn't assume that all plush makers side the same way politically. I said "I've seen plenty of support for the left wing here". I don't really understand why you'd tell me not to make assumptions, and then go on to say that crafters have more feelings than other people, though. Also, of course this bill enjoyed widespread support, it's a politcal land mine. Anyone who voted against it could (and probably will) be accused of not caring about children. You will notice, however, that the only Senators and Representatives who agreed with you enough to cast a vote about it were Republicans. As for a lack of creativity in the corporate environment, creativity is purely subjective, and therefore can't really be measured. History shows us that the less the government is involved, the better things turn out to be, and this bill is no exception.


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