Saturday, January 3, 2009

Nubbins on the Needle!

Hello! My name is Kira and I'm new to The Needle! My favorite plush to make is monsters! I started out making sock monsters, but have since branched out to other fabrics. I try to use recycled clothing, but like to get the occasional remnant of fleece from the bargain bin at JoAnne's.
With Christmas and New Year's and all the holiday craziness finally over with, I have finally gotten some time to make some new monsters! These are my newest "Nubbins". Nubbins are little bitty armless monsters that I originally made for something quick and easy that I could crank out in mass quantities so I could sell them for less at craft shows or on my Etsy shop. They love to be squeezed and petted and make great stress relievers! Just give them a squeeze, or throw them across the room, they'll love it! (and shouldn't cause too much damage!)
Like I said, I try to make them from only remnants...unless I get a special request for a color I don't these black and grey ones I did for an alchemy request over Etsy...but I couldn't decide what shade of grey would be better, lighter or darker, so I made both!

1 comment:

mamachat said...

Wow, did you know when you click on the picture you can see the BLUE reflection of your blue lights in their eyes? Cool. They are cute. love ya,


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