Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gyre and Gimble

I'm so excited to be a new member of this group! Let me introduce you to to Gyre and Gimble, the two headed Rat, Ardent Collector Extraordinaire, Purveyor of the Precious and sometime resident of Looking Glass Land. Duringa recent walk, this fellow popped into my head and proceeded to tell me the most marvelous tales. Gyre first told me that having two heads is very good in their business because it allows them to search in all directions at once, giving them quite an advantage over their competitors. He then claimed that they have found and traded all sorts of rare items on both sides of the glass and that, " if I was interested, they had a rare Jabberwocky scale in their possession right now"... which he proceeded to pull from his front pocket. Gimble quickly reminded him that the White Queen had first dibs, but I think he was angling for a higher price by the way he looked at Gyre from the corner of his eyes. I must say it looked to me like a common jingle shell but, when I remarked on this, they assured me that on the "other side" it was a sparkling many hued wonder... Then Gimble wanted to know if I needed any Bandersnatch feathers because he was sure they could get me some for a "very reasonable price." What a twosome!

While I thoroughly enjoyed their stories...although they do interrupt each other a lot!...they scurried around in my head so much that I just had to go ahead and get them made. Dolls can be funny that way sometimes....
Cynthia Toy - The Fairies Nest


Plushroom Soup said...

Love it!

Raggy Rat said...

very ratty, thanks for sharing their story too xxx

colette said...

anything with more than one head is always super cool!


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