Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Newest Sock Monsters (belated February edition)

I realized recently that in my attempts to keep up with the demand for the Nubbins, I haven't made any new Sock Monsters to replace the ones that have been sold...and my Sock Monster population has gotten pretty low. So I tried to make a point of making a few new Sock Monsters last week (in addition to more Nubbins)

This is the Striped Galliwumpf...The Striped Galliwumpf is a relative of the Spotted Galliwumpf. This particular one prefers to be called George. George considers himself to be quite the intellectual. He wants to be his own monster and does not want to be defined by his species and just lumped in with all the other Galliwumpfs. But most of the other Galliwumpfs just think he's being a snob.

I decided this one gets my recent Give-Away winner's captcha name "Zogra". She looks very Amazon-ish to me. I love her hair. It kind of looks like cornrows. Normally all my monster hair ends up being pigtails, so I liked that I figured out this technique that makes the hair turn out a little different.

This little one never got the chance to be named, since she was snapped up at the "First & Last: Arts & Crafts" show this past weekend. The little girl that picked her out had a very hard time choosing which monster she wanted. For a while, her final choices were between this one and Zogra...but she ultimately went with the pink pigtailed monster.

1 comment:

odeliala said...

i like george. so confident..
he seems to me almost like an anciant clay figure.


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