Saturday, April 25, 2009

Elder Galliwumpfs

I both love and loathe when I make a monster I think is so adorable, that it's hard to part with. I REALLY like this little guy!

It looks like he's got a big fuzzy beard. I sewed him in the Galliwumpf style (if you have no idea what a Galliwumpf here)...but with a slight difference that results in that moustache look. I've decided to call him an Elder Galliwumpf.
I was originally thinking that the moustache part would be a lip from which the purple tongue is prodruding. But once I sewed it up...I think it looks like he has a beard and moustache. What do you think?
And here's another Elder Galliwumpf! But this one is like the fun, crazy uncle of the Galliwumpf family! The other Elder Galliwumpfs are always telling him to grow up, but the younger Galliwumpfs think he's the coolest ever!

I love how the double buttons on one eye make him look crazy!

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