Friday, April 3, 2009

Puppets by Stacey Rebecca

There's an article in the Etsy Storque right now about the puppets of Stacey Rebecca. Even better, it's actually a video:

It looks like she incorporates a lot of the same techniques that plushiers do.

Added bonus: this little video made me think about puppets again. How long has it been since you've thought of puppetry as a form of expression?
Have any of you ever made puppets? Do you make them now? Did you grow up with them, or have a strange puppet experience somewhere along the line? I'd love to hear about it. Post about it in the comments! (I'll start.)

(And special site news p.s.: I'm moving again, so if I don't respond to your emails or comments, nothing personal, I just can't get to my computer.)

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Absolutely Small said...

Alright, so here's my puppet experience. I made a lot of them as a kid. A LOT. There were classes involved. I constantly made family members sit and endure my skits. (Some things don't seem to change as you get older...)
I have this very clear memory of being 5 or 6, behind a handmade "puppet stage" (curtain, chairs.), with puppets I made myself on my hands and a harmonica in my mouth, blowing the Hallelujah chorus. Seriously.

Barbara Prime said...

I love her puppets!
I don't think I've made anything but sock puppets, when I was a kid. Goofy things with button eyes and yarn hair, that always had a resemblance to snakes. I used to wish I could make muppets for a living. I've been dreaming about designing a puppet pattern for over a year now, but other things keep getting in the way.

=Daniel said...

I make some puppets. I'm working on a custom puppet right now. I should post pics when I'm finished. I plan on making them more often. I love how goofy and fun they are.
I did have a bunch of them as a kid my favorite being Animal from the muppets. I still have him, although he has seen better days, he brings back nice memories.

Absolutely Small said...

Barbara: That's so neat that you're thinking of making a puppet pattern! Your puppets sounds more involved than mine, too. ^-^
Daniel: Animal- That is so awesome! Definitely share what you're working on!

Plushroom Soup said...

Cool--thanks for sharing this video! I haven't thought about or made hand puppets in a very long time. But I used to all the time as a kid! My experiences were very similar to yours, Claire. My favorite puppet memory is being assigned to do a group presentation of an original story in 6th grade lit class. My group chose to put a modern twist on some fairy tale (I don't remember which) and use handmade felt puppets (I believe there was also a sinful amount of glitter involved) to present the story. My favorite puppet was a punk rocker with a green mohawk and safety pin earrings. I don't remember if we got a good grade or not, be we sure had fun making the puppets--we thought we were so funny and clever at the time!

Dollhead said...

I grew up with a mom obsessed with puppets, vaudeville and clowning, and I adore marionettes. Thank you for the topic provoking post!

Raggy Rat said...

now i must dig about and share some of my puppets with you, always loved them and often made them my biggers were 2 feet tall/long ...
met a henson trained guy making puppets and rainbow produtctions, he let me play with one of his creations, and i made soem puppets for ranbow productions too ...


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