Tuesday, June 9, 2009

owl hat!

I haven't posted here in forever because I've been too busy being a mommy. I'm working on plushy stuff when I find a little time, mostly a new edition of my pattern book, Fuzzy Knits. I have the first toy partly put together, a duck in purple and yellow, and he is a very handsome fellow (even without feet). I'm really enjoying going back to my first set of designs and fixing them up so they're even better and cuter. I can't wait till I have photos to share with you! Until then, please enjoy this super cute shot of my son in an owl hat I knit for him.


JenMeister said...

Oh, that is too adorable. Makes me want to take up knitting :) Maybe not have a baby yet, though... haha!

odeliala said...

geeeeeeeeees, how do u do THAT?

Leeanna Butcher said...

totally adorable!!! :D


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