Tuesday, August 4, 2009

T&A Friendly Paints Too

Misfits and Tablecloths: new paintings by Amy Ortiz of T&A Friendly

In the midst of my crazy week, I almost completely forgot that I had not posted any news about the showing of my latest paintings at Flying Pigeon. I'm pretty happy that I was better about setting aside more time for painting this year. In the past, I've let my plush endeavors take up most of my time and energy and I finally said, "No More!" So I hope many of you can find your way to the HIghland Park/L.A. area next Saturday (AUG. 8) for the opening reception of my latest work.

It'll be a great event with many of the neighboring shops showing work from other artists. While, there, you can also checkout the awesome Dutch and Chinese imported bikes that Flying Pigeon has to offer...I really want a Dutch one myself but I'm too short.

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