Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Anyone here like pugs? I was inspired to design this new toy by some pugs you might know ;)

His face was really difficult to get just right. I didn't count how many times I ripped it out and started over, but I'm sure I needed new yarn at some point because it was getting so worn out. Finally I found the right proportions, and even figured out a way to incorporate the little nose wrinkles and jowls. It was clear from the beginning that a pug needs a hoodie, so I designed this anorak to frame his adorable face. If any of you know how to knit, try out the pattern!


amanda davis said...

aw, it looks so cute! love love the hoodie, it will look good on one of my pugs. i have three and looooveeee them! i wanna get more pugs! lol :)

Jodie said...

He is fantastic - worth all the time and pulling out - just gorgeous!

Bobbi said...

I fell in love with this little guy when you posted him on Ravelry. Well done!


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