Thursday, October 22, 2009

antler boy & toothy bears

Hi there! Oh I'm very excited to part of this fab group. It's just ace, isn't it? I thought you might like my antler boy, he's small and furry and my first go at antlers, with an obligatory scarf (I like to wrap all small creatures in scarves. They're cute and keep you warm).

Also some toothy bears I made from the same basic pattern as antler boy there. I do love embroidered faces, they turn out in unexpected ways (and see, there's another scarf).

These guys are now in my shop. I've just started some more creatures from wooly soft blankets and they're turning out swell, well I think so. I will show you soon! If you like, come and see my blog at Pepper Stitches. It sure would like to see you. It told me so.

x Pepper

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Joely Whiting said...

Antler boy is awsome!!


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