Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Meet the Twofers!

Meet the Twofers!
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We got Yella Belly Twofer, the Chihuahua, and his 3rd cousin twice removed Blue Bunny Twofer, er, the rabbit. Wanna know how they're related? Same pattern with a twist. Or a flip for that matter. I was scrounging through my pattern box and I always draw faces on my patterns to "jog" my memory of what I had originally "envisioned" because truthfully, sometimes I draw a dozen or so at a time and just toss them in a box for later. Anyway, I saw this bunny and I thought, wow, that's weird. I didn't draw a face on this little guy. And when I flipped him over, there was my crazy little Chihuahua's face. So, that's how "Twofer" came about. 'Cause with one pattern, you get a twofer one...get it?

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