Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Momiji Couture Contest

Momiji is having a contest, and it's right up your alley! (Well, probably.)
From their site:
"Momiji are message dolls, each doll has a space in its base for a secret message. Our Couture Contest is a playful new direction; we’re looking for one-off, fabric dolls. You can create your doll using a combination of any textile methods you like; weaving, printing, knitting, embroidery....the list goes on."
Check out all the details at
But hurry, because the deadline is October 30th!


Lori said...

These look awesome and it seems like a great challenge but you can't get them back. bummer.

Anonymous said...


Claire from Momiji HQ here.

Just to let you know that you will be able to get them back!! We're updating the wording on the Terms of entry but we've posted about it here on the blog:

Hope this helps.

Can't wait to see all the entries. You've got three whole weekends to get creative!


Claire x


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