Saturday, October 24, 2009

Orange Sweater Monster (with Yoda ears!)

I got a bag of sweater scraps last week from a good friend. They were scraps left over from her endeavors in making wool soakers out of recycled felted sweaters. In the bag were some lovely remnants of an orange sweater. I have a love affair with making orange monsters. I particularly love the color combination of orange and blue (I love it even more when the blue is more of a turquoise). Yay for complimentary colors!

Don't you just love his Yoda-ears? If I made him in green with a brown robe... hmmmm... I smell a Star Wars homage coming soon.

I liked doing his mouth differently too...not my usual white felt teeth or fuzzy lips (although I am quite overdue for making some fuzzy-lipped monsters!). I'm getting much more into doing simple embroidery on my monsters' faces lately.

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