Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Owl Dolls

I finally have added a few dolls to my shop! Each of them are so different from the other, with their own colors, details, and little personality.

This is my first patchwork owl doll, with embroidered details and lots of my favorite fabrics --- available here for anyone kind enough to give it a home : :
and Dottie Owl, with needle felted details and fun Riley Blake Fabrics --- available here : :
and this sweet little owl, with lots of embroidered details, a needle felted heart, and a little of  Anna Maria's fabulous fabrics, available here : :
It's been a VERY long time since I have used that poor, neglected shop of mine, so I hope to have you visit me there, as well.

Happy creating! ~ Maureen


Diana said...

I LOVE the details in their eyes!

Please list these on my new site so I can purchase one! Plus there's no commission fees taken on sales, so those extra few bucks can go right to you! (you deserve them!)

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful. Exquisite details. Do you have plans to continue making them? I'd love for my someday children to have a collection! Please add me to your mailing list if you have one:



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