Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Team Updates from Sarah

Hi Team,

I've got a few things to mention.  First of all, vendor fees at the third thursday arts walk are now only $5!  This will last until September when the weather cools down.  So if you like to do the event for pretty much free and spend a fun night hanging out with team members, I can still squeeze you in for tomorrow.  Just email me (

Also, we've got our craft party on Friday and have some really fun stuff planned.  Since we were in the top 50 parties world-wide, Etsy has a package in the mail to me that should arrive some with all sorts of goodies, coupon, craft supplies and surprises for those who come to the party.  One of the crafts is glass painting so if you have any glasses around you'd like to decorate, please bring them.  Another one of the group craft is creating a zine (a small magazine).  Start thinking about what content you'd like to add to your zine and bring any cut outs you might want included in it.  Don't know what a zine is? Read about them here.  Also, here's a zine I've just published.  You can make them about anything at all.

Our team is also helping sponsor the kid's craft table at the Fresh52 Grand Opening this weekend.  We are looking for donations if possible.  We need magazines (kid friendly) for kids to cut up and make books from.  Anything teeny-bopper is great, but please nothing inappropriate for children.  Our team member Cybele is making a very generous contribution of a bunch of recycled items to create other crafts from as well.  

For those coming to the party on Friday, I've got enough drinks, but if it's not a hassle, please bring a munchie to share.  We will probably have close to 50 people.  Feel free to bring a crafty friend as well to party with us.  It should be a really fun night!

If you would like to donate a raffle prize for the party, please bring it with you.  Again, the raffle is our primary source of team funds right now.  The grand prize is being the featured seller on the home page of our team website for a month with a blurb about your shop and biography. 

That's it for now!  Should be a fun weekend for those doing ArtWalk and coming to the party :)

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