Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hello all! Glad to be a member!

This is my 1st post as a needle.org member and I am very excited to be apart of The Needle! My first post is my personal marketing package I made, to hopefully help me get a job at a studio I really want to work at. I sent one to Laika and one to a game cinematics company out here in Portland. Wish me luck and send out some good "hire her" vibes for me. =)

The box (paper mache box from store) with a sticker I designed just for the package.

The contents of the above box. A Hand sewn Lil fat birdie with cover letter/introduction in its mouth. My resume printed on Cotton fabric, and my demo reel which is in an origami paper case I made as well. I figured I would include a plush because who doesn't like getting plush in the mail.

This is the hand sewn Lil fat birdie I designed and sent to the cinematic company. Made out of felt.

This is the other Lil birdie I sent to Laika. It's made out of recycled upholstery samples.

For more pics you can visit my website www.boroofficial.com

I will be posting goodies frequently on here as well. =)


Amy said...

It's fantastic!! Best of luck to you with your applications :)

freaked out 'n small said...

What an absolutely fantastic package! I think those are all such great ideas, and wonderfully presented. :)


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