Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Little Emo

Thank you so much for the invitation. It is so exciting to be among such talented people! I am Michelle of Chez Michelle Designs and Suncatcher Eyes. I love crocheting dolls in the amigurumi style. Some day when I can tear myself away from my crochet addiction, I'd love to try my hand at sewing cloth and fur dolls.

This is my favorite doll, Little Emo. He could use some sympathy and a hug. Play with him and carry him around with you, but he still won't cheer up. Life is just too depressing.

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Annie said...

I love this doll because it reminds me of my mysterious high school sister who is so elusive, people explain her strange habits and fashion sense as 'emo' but I never understood what it was! But seeing your dollie sort of makes it all come together for me. This is so cute!


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