Tuesday, March 4, 2008

plushie cosplayer

RRH with all her goods, originally uploaded by lalootka.

Favorite books characters always can inspire us. Recently I was trying to tell my daughter story about little girl in red ring hood and she was quite frightened and this inspired me to make something funny to chear up anybody frightened. I've made a plushie who loves to dress as a Red Riding Hood. It's a hare - in lack of better name called bunny - in Red Riding Hood outfit. Outfit was knitted. In her basket she has some goodies for her grandmother (carrots and wine), book to read oma some stories, and a wolf handpuppet (OK, for humans it would be fingerpuppet) to scare away any wolf.
And she goes to Blanka Helga - very tallented graphics artist who made really beautiful Red Riding Hood graphics.

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Claire said...

She is so adorable!


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