Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Uno (Dolls for Friends)


We've been warned for years about the dangers of toxic waste and their effects on ocean life due to careless dumping. Yet, despite the multitude of warnings by the media we've never personally seen the the mutational after effects that this hazardous sludge imposes on its unsuspecting victims... until now.

Meet Uno, a jellyfish who is a third generation descendent of toxic dumping in the South American rain forests. With these types of mutations you never know exactly what type of unique characteristics each generation will develop. In Uno's case he developed the all too common singular eye, enlarged canine teeth and a slight glow when the lights are out (which is nice if you like a little night light when you sleep.)

Uno is now looking to relocate from his greenish, illuminated home waters to a new locale that is a little less inTOXICating and with a bit more visibility.


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