Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween plushes!

I made a bunch of spooky plushes for Halloween, including these little zombies and monsters.
>Zombie plushes
NosferatuLondon After Midnight vampire plushAbominalbe snowman plushie

You can see more pictures on my flickr page and purchasing info in my Etsy shop.


sassypackrat said...

LOVE the Zombies!

Lindsay said...

Thank you :)

Dingogirl66 said...

Love it all especially the Nosferatu..And the zombies are stellar!!

lolo said...

I love them! Good work!

Lolo :-)

maggieisfiercefamineuncontrolledbeatch said...

с наступающим вас))

Flaky Friends said...

These are awesome - the first pic of them all lined up on the bench is straight out of the best b movies!


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