Monday, April 22, 2013

little fabien handmade dolls: cute ever after!



When Tugce was 5, her mother gifted a kitten to her. Tugce named the cat ''Yosi'' because of it's eyes were moss-like. They were having great time together playing games all the time. Even one day Tugce took Yosi to her kindergarten, but you know what, Yosi the ''curious'' just disappeared when it tours around. Tugce felt so sad and started to crying, what a cry! She cried her eyes out. Noboady managed to cease her tears. And then the day become evening. Tugce took the road to her school bus while she was holding a handkerchief with one hand because of she has snuffles and the other hand full with the pages of the coloring book has given as a homework. At that very moment ''the boy playing in sandpit'' showed up and said:

here is the link for more !

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